Ryan Elementary School Title I Parent Involvement Policy


The involvement of parents and community members is critical to the success of education here at Ryan Elementary. Ongoing efforts will be made to solicit input from parents and community members and to seek their involvement. Members of the Ryan Elementary School, the community, and parents were involved in developing the following Parent Involvement Plan.

  • A parent meeting will be held at the beginning of each school year to inform parents of the school curriculum and policy, Title 1 policy, home/school contract, student assessment procedures as well as expectations of students while here at Ryan Elementary.
  • PTO meetings, conferences, and workshops for parents will be held at various times during the school year.
  • Parents will be given opportunities to express their views through surveys and serving on various committees.
  • Parents are notified of students' performances through weekly folders, progress reports, report cards and test scores.
  • Information will be given to parents to incorporate strategies to improve student performance.
  • Community-based organizations and businesses are encouraged to form partnerships with the school, such as Partners in Education.
  • The school will coordinate, for parents who request assistance through other agencies such as Pre-K, and etc.
  • Efforts will be made to assist in transportation and childcare to enable parents to attend meetings and training sessions.
  • When needed, the school will initiate home visitations.
  • Parents will be invited to volunteer in the school.
  • Parents will be involved in an on-going review of the Title 1 plan to ensure continued school improvement.