Ryan Public Schools


Parents of students are invited to participate in the local school planning sessions held each fall. Parent input is also obtained as we host various parent workshops and through our parent conferences. The parent policy is sent home for review and posted online. For suggestions for improvement, and to identify barriers to participation in the program. All comments are considered.

Each school site is notified by the Title I director of parent involvement workshops and conferences related to parent involvement and/or mentoring. Title I parent opportunities can be combined with Pre-Kindergarten and other parent workshops and school system offerings so that parental involvement efforts are both integrated and coordinated. By using the local school’s test utilization plan, parent surveys, educational research, and local school improvement plans, the Local Educational Agency Parent Involvement Plan as well as the local school compacts can be evaluated in terms of their effectiveness and revised as needed.

All schools will provide information to parents concerning the statewide testing program and their child’s results on these test. At school parent nights or Parent Teacher Conferences, information regarding the state’s content standards and student performance standards will be presented to the parents. This meeting will be held prior to state testing, preferably in the fall, and the state testing program, school programs and scholarships will be discussed. Parent questions will be addressed at all open forums. Because school assessment and school improvement/corrective action are closely related, these two topics will be presented in conjunction with the testing information. If needed, parents will be invited to participate in any corrective action or school improvement plans as required by the system under Title I. Meetings for sharing information, relaying options, and gathering patent input are specifically designed for and held at each local school to inform parents about the components of school-wide projects and Title I requirements.

Parents are sent progress reports during each nine weeks and report cards every nine weeks. They are invited to set up meetings and parent conferences to help the school make decisions regarding the needs of their children. Parent conferences are coordinated throughout the year by administrators and teachers that are involved in the RTI process to help parents work with their children to improve their children’s achievement. Literacy training may be offered through the school system, extension office, or regional college. Resources are available to parents in the school libraries and Pre-K parent centers and through the Early Intervention Program, Pre-K and Title I parent workshops.

Each year, Ryan Public Schools will provide an information/orientation session regarding Title I and the importance/necessity of parent involvement. The Title I parent/school compact will be reviewed. The school system offers a variety of opportunities for parents to become full partners in the education of their children. In conjunction with,  the school library, extension services, the guidance program, and the schools’ parent resource centers, schools offer workshops, materials, resources, parent meetings, PTO/PTA meetings, parent conferences,  etc., which provide parents the opportunity to learn about child development issues relevant to the age and needs of their children. Ryan Public Schools and its cooperative members will work together to provide professional development activities for teachers, paraprofessionals, student service personnel and administrators. Participation in conferences and workshops provided by the state and by professional organizations is encouraged. Administrators and program coordinators may require participation in professional development activities that they feel are most relevant. The purpose of these professional development activities is to help children meet both state and local performances standards.